October 05 Holidays

October 05 Holidays & National Days & Fun Days | October 05 Calendar

October 5th Daily Holidays include:

  • Chic Spy Day
  • Do Something Nice Day
  • Get Funky Day
  • Global James Bond Day
  • International Day of No Prostitution
  • National Apple Betty Day
  • National Depression Screening Day
  • National Kiss a Wrestler Day
  • National Poetry Day (UK)
  • National Storytelling Day
  • World Teacher’s Day

October 05: Famous Birthdays

  • October 05, 1829 – Chester A. Arthur, American General, lawyer, and politician who became the 21st President of the United States (d. 1886)
  • October 05, 1943 – Steve Miller, American singer, songwriter, and guitarist (Steve Miller Band, The Joker)
  • October 05, 1975 – Kate Winslet, English actress (The Titanic)

October 05: Historical Events

  • October 05, 1869 – The Eastman runnel in the U.S. State of Minnesota collapses during construction causing a landslide
  • October 05, 1877 – The Nez Perce War in Northwestern United States comes to an end
  • October 05, 1905 – The Wright brothers set a new world record flight in their Wright Flyer III by flying 24 miles in 39 minutes
  • October 05, 1910 – The monarchy of Portugal is overthrown and a republic is declared
  • October 05, 1930 – British airship R101 on its maiden voyage crashes in France on its way to India killing 48 people
  • October 05, 1930 – Jews passports are invalidated in Nazi Germany
  • October 05, 1943 – Japanese forces execute ninety eight American POWs on Wake Island
  • October 05, 1947 – U.S. President Truman makes the first televised Oval Office address to the Nation
  • October 05, 1962 – The first of the James Bond film series Dr. No is released in Britain starring Sean Connery and Ursula. The film series is based on the novels by Ian Fleming
  • October 05, 1966 – A reactor at the Enrico Fermi Nuclear Generating Station near Detroit, Michigan suffers a partial meltdown
  • October 05, 1970 – The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) is founded
  • October 05, 1984 – Marc Garneau becomes the first Canadian in space
  • October 05, 1991 – An Indonesian Air Force C-130 crash kills 135 people

October 05: Music Events

  • October 05, 1999 – Run Devil Run is released by Paul McCartney in the U.S.
  • October 05, 2001 – Reba premieres on the WB network starring Reba McEntire
  • October 05, 2002 – A Moment Like This from Kelly Clarkson, jumps from #52 to #1 on the Hot 100, breaking the record for the biggest leap to the top spot (video below)
  • October 05, 2012 – Adele and her songwriting partner Paul Epworth create the theme song to Skyfall, a James Bond film. The song features a 77 piece orchestra
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October 05: Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for October 05 is Libra.

October Birthstone:

What is the October Birthstone? Pink Tourmaline and Opal

October’s birthstones are pink tourmaline and opal. Tourmaline, the primary birthstone, is rare because it is one of the few gems that can be found in almost every color. Some pink tourmalines have clarity as transparent as diamonds! Opals, on the other hand, are in a class by themselves.

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