Sponsor a Holiday

There are several different types of sponsorships available. If you do not see something that meets your needs, please contact us. We are willing to create custom packages.

Bronse: Page Linkbacks

Page Linkbacks can be purchased for 50,000 Raider Token. The link is permanent. The link will stay on the sponsored page permanently. The link will include: URL, Keyword, 256 characters of text, other options are available after consoltation. These are forever links and the preferred method of advertising on this website.

Silver Sponsorship: 1 month

Any page on the website can be sponsored in its entirety for 1 month for 250,000 Raider Token. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to book a page that is currently occupied by another company that currently has a Silver Listing, you can. Your sponsorship of that holiday page will start when the current sponsorship ends.

Gold Sponsorship: 1 Years

Any page on the website can be sponsored for an entire year for the affordable price of 1,500,000 Raider Token. By booking a sponsorship for an entire year, you do not risk being out bid by other companies who might be interested in acquiring the page.

Platinum Sponsorship: 5 years

Any page on the website can be sponsored for 5 years for special price of 5,000,000 Raider Token. By booking a sponsorship for five years, you are showing the world your staying power. You also save money. A 5 year purchase requires less work for us. Therefore, we pass those savings on to you.

Lifetime Forever Sponsorship: Forever

The Lifetime Forever Sponsorship is forever. You will own that page for the life of the website. As long as the website exists, your sponsorship will exist. You can purchase a lifetime forever sponsorship for 10,000,000 Raider Token.