Bavarian Creme Pie

Delicious Bavarian Creme Pie – a real treat!

The Witch’s Curse and the Bavarian Creme Pie

A Bavarian Creme Pie is the only thing that can stop a powerful witch from taking over the town.

The town of Regensburg had been living in fear for months. A powerful witch had been wreaking havoc on the town, casting spells and curses that no one could break. The townspeople had tried everything to stop her, but nothing seemed to work.

Then one day, a mysterious stranger arrived in town. He said he had a plan to stop the witch, but he needed a special ingredient: a Bavarian Creme Pie. The townspeople were skeptical, but desperate, so they agreed to try it.

The stranger instructed them to bake the pie and place it in the center of town. When the witch arrived, they were to offer it to her. If she accepted it, the curse would be broken.

The townspeople followed the stranger’s instructions and waited. When the witch arrived, she eyed the pie hungrily. She reached out to take it, but then stopped. She seemed to sense something was off.

The witch backed away from the pie and began to cast a spell. The townspeople watched in horror as the witch’s power began to grow. Just as it seemed like all hope was lost, the stranger stepped forward and shouted a single word: “Stop!”

The witch froze in place, her spell broken. The townspeople cheered, but their celebration was short-lived. The stranger had vanished, and the witch was still alive. What would happen next? Would the witch be able to break the curse and take over the town? Or would the Bavarian Creme Pie be the only thing that could stop her?

November 27th

Bavarian Cream Pie – A Delicious Dessert!

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