May 27 Holidays

May 27 Holidays & National Days & Fun Days | May 27 Calendar

May 27th Daily Holidays include:

  • Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day (ARMAD) – May 27, 2023 (Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend)
  • Cellophane Tape Day
  • International Heritage Breeds Day – May 27, 2023 (Saturday of Third Full Week in May)
  • International Jazz Day – May 27, 2023 (Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend) Also observed on April 30 each year
  • Julia Pierpont Day – May 27, 2023 (Fourth Saturday in May)
  • National Grape Popsicle Day
  • National Gray Day
  • National Heritage Breeds Day – May 27, 2023 (Saturday of Third Full Week in May)
  • National Italian Beef Day – May 27, 2023 (Fourth Saturday in May)
  • Nothing to Fear Day
  • Old Time Player Piano Day
  • Sunscreen Protection Day

May 27: Famous Birthdays

  • May 27, 1837 – Wild Bill Hickok, American lawman (d. 1876)
  • May 27, 1911 – Hubert Humphrey, American politician who became the 38th Vice President of the United States under President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1965 to 1969 (d. 1978)
  • May 27, 1911 – Vincent Price, American actor best known for his performances in horror films (d. 1993)
  • May 27, 1923 – Henry Kissinger, American politician who was the 56th US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford
  • May 27, 1935 – Lee Meriwether, American Model and actress (Miss America in 1955, best know for her role in Barnaby Jones)
  • May 27, 1936 – Louis Gossett, Jr., American actor and producer (Roots, An Officer and a Gentleman)

May 27: Historical Events

  • May 27, 1703 – The city of Saint Petersburg is founded by Tsar Peter the Great
  • May 27, 1896 – An F4 tornado hits in St. Louis, Missouri, and East St. Louis, Illinois, killing 255 people and causing $2.9 billion in damage
  • May 27, 1907 – San Francisco gets hits with the Bubonic plague
  • May 27, 1919 – The NC-4 aircraft arrives in Lisbon after completing the first transatlantic flight
  • May 27, 1927 – The Ford Motor Company stops manufacture of the Ford Model T
  • May 27, 1930 – The Chrysler Building in New York City opens to the public. At 1,046 feet tall, it is the tallest man-made structure at the time
  • May 27, 1933 – The U.S. Federal Securities Act is signed into law requiring the registration of securities with the Federal Trade Commission
  • May 27, 1937 – The Golden Gate Bridge opens to pedestrian traffic in California
  • May 27, 1941 – During World War II, the German battleship Bismarck is sunk in the North Atlantic killing almost 2,100 men
  • May 27, 1967 – The U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy is launched by Jacqueline Kennedy and her daughter Caroline
  • May 27, 1997 – Multiple tornadoes hit in Central Texas, including a F5 that killed 27 in Jarrell
  • May 27, 1998 – Michael Fortier is sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined $200K for failing to warn authorities about the terrorist plot in Oklahoma City bombing

May 27: Music Events

  • May 27, 1933 – The cartoon Three Little Pigs, with the hit song, “Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” is released by The Walt Disney Company.
  • May 27, 1987 – The noise level from U2’s concert in Rome sets off earthquake alarms
  • May 27, 1994 – The Eagles reunite after 14 years for a show in Burbank, CA and close the show with Desperado.
  • May 27, 1995 – Hootie & the Blowfish debut album, Cracked Rear View becomes the #1 album in America
  • May 27, 2006 – Red Hot Chili Peppers, two-disc album Stadium Arcadium hits a #1 album spot on The Billboard 200

May 27: Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for May 27 is Gemini.

May Birthstone:

What is the May Birthstone? Emerald

As the birthstone for May, the emerald, a symbol of rebirth, is believed to grant the owner foresight, good fortune, and youth.


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