September 13 Holidays

September 13 Holidays & National Days & Fun Days | September 13 Calendar

September 13th Daily Holidays include:

  • Bald is Beautiful Day
  • Fortune Cookie Day
  • International Chocolate Day
  • International Programmer’s Day – September 13, 2023 (The 256th Day of the Year, unless during a leap year and then on September 12)
  • Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day
  • National Celiac Awareness Day
  • National Defy Superstition Day
  • National Hug Your Boss Day
  • National Peanut Day
  • Positive Thinking Day
  • Roald Dahl Day
  • Scooby-Doo Day
  • Snack a Pickle Time
  • Supernatural Day
  • Uncle Sam Day

September 13: Famous Birthdays

  • September 13, 1851 – Walter Reed, American physician and biologist (d. 1902)
  • September 13, 1857 – Milton S. Hershey, American businessman who founded The Hershey Company (d. 1945)
  • September 13, 1944 – Peter Cetera, American singer, songwriter, bass player, and producer (Chicago)

September 13: Historical Events

  • September 13, 1501 – Michelangelo starts work on his statue of David
  • September 13, 1541 – John Calvin returns to Geneva after three years of exile to reform the church using the Calvinism doctrine
  • September 13, 1609 – Henry Hudson reaches what will ultimately be named the Hudson River
  • September 13, 1743 – Great Britain, Austria, and the Kingdom of Sardinia all sign the Treaty of Worms
  • September 13, 1788 – The Philadelphia Convention sets the date for the first presidential election in the United States
  • September 13, 1788 – New York City becomes the United States temporary capital
  • September 13, 1898 – Hannibal Goodwin patents celluloid photographic film
  • September 13, 1899 – Henry Bliss is the first person in the United States to be killed in an automobile accident
  • September 13, 1933 – Elizabeth McCombs is the first woman elected to the New Zealand Parliament
  • September 13, 1948 – Margaret Chase Smith is elected United States senator and becomes the first woman to serve in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the United States Senate
  • September 13, 1956 – The first commercial computer to use disk storage, the IBM 305 TAMAC is introduced
  • September 13, 1971 – State police and National Guardsmen are sent into New York’s Attica Prison after a prison revolt claims 43 lives
  • September 13, 1985 – Super Mario Brothers is released in Japan for the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • September 13, 1988 – Hurricane Gilbert is the strongest recorded hurricane in the Western Hemisphere, until Hurricane Wilma in 2005
  • September 13, 2001 – After the September 11 attacks, civilian aircraft traffic resumes in the United States
  • September 13, 2007 – The United Nations General Assembly adopts the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • September 13, 2008 – A series of bomb blasts hits Delhi, India resulting in 30 deaths and 130 injuries
  • September 13, 2008 – Hurricane Ike hits the Texas Gulf Coast of the United States. causing heavy damage to Galveston Island, Houston, and the surrounding area

September 13: Music Events

  • September 13, 1979 – ABBA starts their first and only tour of North America with a show at the Edmonton Sports Arena in Alberta, Canada
  • September 13, 2008 – Come Dancing, a musical devoted to the music of The Kinks, opens in London
  • September 13, 2011 – The B-52s play their first show in Idaho and are finally able to perform the song Private Idaho

September 13: Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for September 13 is Virgo.

August Birthstone:

What is the September Birthstone? Sapphire

The September birthstone is sapphire – a gem that’s been cherished for thousands of years. Although the term sapphire usually refers to the blue variety of corundum (ruby is the red variety), this birthstone comes in a rainbow of other colors. Sapphires are mined in many countries around the world, including Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, and the United States. The most valuable sapphires are those that are deep blue in color and have no visible inclusions.


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