Occult Day: The Magic of the Occult

Unraveling the mysteries of the paranormal.

The Discovery

It was a day like any other for the group of scientists at the research facility. They had been working on a project for months, and were finally close to a breakthrough. Little did they know, their research would soon change the world.

The scientists had been working on a way to travel to alternate dimensions. After months of hard work, they had finally done it. They had discovered a way to open a portal to another world.

The scientists were ecstatic. They had made a major breakthrough in science, and they were eager to explore the possibilities of their new discovery.

But their joy was short-lived. As they began to explore the alternate dimension, they soon realized that something was wrong. A powerful dark force had taken over the world, and it was slowly spreading its influence to other dimensions.

The scientists knew they had to act quickly. They had to use their newfound power to prevent the dark force from taking over the world.

The scientists quickly formed a plan. They would use their portal to travel to other dimensions and gather allies to help them fight the dark force. They would also use their knowledge of science to create weapons and tools to help them in their fight.

The scientists set out on their mission, and soon they had gathered a powerful group of allies from across the multiverse. Together, they were able to fight back against the dark force and eventually defeat it.

The world was saved, and the scientists were hailed as heroes. They had used their newfound power to travel to alternate dimensions and save the world from a powerful dark force.

The scientists had made a major discovery, and they would never forget it. They had discovered a way to travel to alternate dimensions, and they had used their newfound power to prevent a powerful dark force from taking over the world.

November 18th

“And she was right. No matter how they tried, the two humans, with the cat but without the microchip, couldn’t connect to headquarters. Raya heard a loud popping sound in her mind, like a huge rubber band being snapped, like a glider plane released from a Piper Cub.”

Sara Pascoe, Being a Witch, and Other Things I Didn’t Ask for

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