Bat Day: The Forbidden Dictionary

Short Stories about Vampire Bats: The Forbidden Dictionary

The Forbidden Dictionary

Dr. Samantha Vance is a brilliant linguist obsessed with ancient civilizations. She’s recently discovered a lost dictionary from the Mayan Empire. As she opens the book, she feels a strange power coursing through her veins.

The dictionary increases her intelligence tenfold, but it also slowly transforms her into a shapeshifting vampire bat. Sam’s body is changing, her nails are growing longer and sharper, and her skin is turning pale. She’s becoming more and more nocturnal, and she has an insatiable thirst for blood.

Sam is horrified by her transformation, but she’s also fascinated by the power she now possesses. She can fly, she can see in the dark, and she’s able to communicate with animals. She begins to use her new abilities to solve crimes and help people.

But as Sam’s bloodlust grows, she’s forced to confront the dark side of her transformation. She’s running out of human blood to drink, and she’s starting to lose control of her urges.

One night, Sam sees a news report about a serial killer who is draining the blood of his victims. She knows that she must stop him, but she’s also afraid of what she might do to him.

As Sam prepares to confront the killer, she’s faced with a difficult decision: will she use her power for good, or will she succumb to her monstrous nature?

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