Bavarian Creme Pie

Enjoy a slice of Bavarian Creme Pie – it’s heavenly!

The Bavarian Creme Pie Mystery

A Bavarian Creme Pie is the key to solving a murder mystery in a small Bavarian village.

The small Bavarian village of Oberammergau had been rocked by a recent murder. The victim, a local baker, had been found dead in his shop with no clues as to who had committed the heinous crime.

The police had been searching for weeks, but had come up empty-handed. That is, until a young detective noticed something strange about the baker’s last order. He had requested a Bavarian Creme Pie, a specialty of the village.

The detective decided to investigate further and soon discovered that the pie had been ordered by a mysterious stranger who had been seen in the village the day of the murder. He tracked the stranger to a nearby inn, but when he arrived, the stranger had already fled.

The detective searched the inn and found a clue: a piece of paper with a recipe for Bavarian Creme Pie. He realized that the recipe was the key to solving the mystery. But before he could put the pieces together, he heard a noise outside. When he went to investigate, he found the stranger waiting for him.

The detective was about to confront the stranger when he heard a gunshot. He looked up to see the stranger running away, leaving behind a trail of smoke. The detective was left standing there, wondering who had fired the shot and what the stranger had been trying to hide.

The Bavarian Creme Pie Mystery remains unsolved, leaving the small village of Oberammergau in suspense.

November 27th

Enjoy the creamy goodness of Bavarian Creme Pie!

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