How to Make Pumpkin Wind Chimes

How to Make Pumpkin Wind Chimes

How to Make Pumpkin Wind Chimes

Pumpkin wind chimes are a fun and festive way to decorate for the fall season. These charming decorations are made from real pumpkins that have been hollowed out and filled with small bells or chimes. The pumpkins are then hung from a string or wire and hung outside to catch the wind. The sound of the bells or chimes ringing in the wind creates a beautiful and calming atmosphere. Pumpkin wind chimes are a great way to add a touch of autumn to any outdoor space. They are also a great way to bring a bit of the harvest season into your home.


  • Pumpkin
  • Twine or string
  • Scissors
  • Drill
  • Bells or chimes
  • Paint (optional)


  1. Start by selecting a pumpkin that is the size and shape you want for your wind chime.
  2. If desired, paint the pumpkin with a color of your choice. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  3. Use a drill to make holes in the top and bottom of the pumpkin. Make sure the holes are large enough to fit the twine or string through.
  4. Cut a length of twine or string and thread it through the holes in the pumpkin.
  5. Tie a knot at the top of the pumpkin to secure the twine or string.
  6. Cut several more lengths of twine or string and tie them to the bottom of the pumpkin.
  7. Attach bells or chimes to the ends of the twine or string.
  8. Hang the pumpkin wind chime in a spot where it can catch the breeze and make beautiful music.


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