Happy Halloween: Secrets

Happy Halloween: Unveiling the Hidden Secrets


Scene 1:

The boy’s bedroom. The night before Halloween.

(The boy is in his bedroom, getting ready for bed. Suddenly, he notices a mysterious jack-o-lantern on his doorstep. He takes it inside and notices that it is glowing with an eerie green light. He stares at it, and begins to hear strange whispers coming from inside the pumpkin. He is scared, but also curious. He slowly reaches out and touches the pumpkin. As soon as he does, the whispers grow louder and he can make out what they are saying. They are telling him to go to the old abandoned house on the edge of town.)

Boy: What is this? What do these whispers want from me?

(Suddenly, a voice speaks from the shadows.)

Voice: I am the voice of the jack-o-lantern. I have been waiting for you. I have a message for you.

Boy: What is it?

Voice: You must find the truth. You must uncover the secrets of the other side. Only then will you be able to move forward.

Boy: How do I do that?

Voice: You must search for the answers. Look for clues and follow the path that leads to the truth.

Boy: But where do I start?

Voice: Go to the old abandoned house on the edge of town. Start by looking within yourself. The answers are within you. Also, take a backpack with you.

(The boy grabs his flashlight and a backpack. He heads out into the night. He arrives at the old house and notices that the windows are glowing with the same eerie green light as the jack-o-lantern. He slowly opens the door and steps inside. The house is filled with cobwebs and dust. He can hear the whispers getting louder and he knows he is getting closer to the source. He follows the whispers until he comes to a room at the end of the hallway. Inside the room is a large jack-o-lantern with a glowing green light. The boy steps closer and the whispers grow louder. He can make out what they are saying now. They are telling him to open the pumpkin and find out what is inside.)

Boy: What is in this pumpkin? I have to find out. (He reaches out to touch it, then stops himself.) But how? (He looks around again, then takes a deep breath and speaks again.)

Boy: I guess I’ll have to open it up and take a look. (He takes a deep breath and reaches out to pick up the pumpkin. He examines it closely, then sets it down and looks around again.)

Boy: I need something to cut it open.

(He looks around, then spots a nearby tool box. He runs over to it and looks inside. He finds a rusty knife and takes it out.)

Boy: Perfect!

(He runs back to the pumpkin and begins to cut it open. After a few minutes, he is able to open it up and peer inside. He looks inside, then looks up with a smile.)

Boy: Wow! It’s full of candy!

(He takes out a handful of candy and looks at it in amazement. He looks around, then takes a deep breath and speaks again.)

Boy: I don’t understand. I am missing something.

(The boy slowly reaches out and opens the pumpkin again. Inside the pumpkin, hidden under the candy, is a mysterious book with a strange symbol on the cover. The boy opens the book and begins to read. As he reads, he realizes that the book contains the secrets of the supernatural world. He has stumbled upon a powerful magical artifact and he knows he has to keep it safe. The boy quickly closes the book and puts it into his backpack along with all the candy. He knows he has to keep this secret safe and he vows to never tell anyone what he has found. He quickly leaves the old house and returns home.)

Scene 2:

The boy’s bedroom. The next morning.

(The boy awakes to find the candy gone. Did he dream it? The book is still there. He knows that the mysterious book is important and he is determined to keep it safe. He never tells anyone what he has found that night and the secret of the mysterious jack-o-lantern remains a mystery to this day.)

Boy: I must keep this secret safe. No one can ever know what I found.

(The phone rings.)

Boy: Hello. Who’s there? I have a secret, but I can’t tell you.

Girl: A secret? What is it?

Boy: I found something.

Girl: What did you find?

Boy: I can’t tell you. It’s too important. It could change everything.

Girl: What could it change?

Boy: It could change the world. I’m not sure how, but I know it’s true. It can change me. I could be powerful. I could change history. I could change our lives.

Girl: How do you know all this?

Boy: I read it in the book. It’s filled with ancient secrets. It’s like it was written just for me. I could be a god.

Girl: (Laughing) You take this Halloween stuff way too seriously. I have to go now. See you later, maybe. (Hangs up phone).

(The boy puts down the phone. He rocks back and forth. His eyes are glowing. He’s holding the rusty knife, gently squeezing it between his fingers. He is whispering to himself, chanting softly.)

Boy: I could be a god. I could be a god. I could be a god.

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