January 05 Holidays

January 05 Holidays & National Days & Fun Days | January 05 Calendar

January 5th Daily Holidays include:

  • Monopoly Game Day
  • National Bird Day
  • National Keto Day
  • National Screenwriters Day
  • National Whipped Cream Day
  • Twelfth Night

January 05: Famous Birthdays

  • January 05, 1855 – King Camp Gillette, inventor of the safety razor
  • January 05, 1914 – George Reeves (born George Keefer Brewer) – American Actor (the original Superman, Gone with the Wind)
  • January 05, 1917 -Jane Wyman – American Actress and 1st Mrs Ronald Reagan
  • January 05, 1928 – Walter Mondale – American politician, former US Senator from Minnesota and 42nd Vice President of the United States
  • January 05, 1931 – Robert Duvall – American Actor
  • January 05, 1946 – Diane Keaton – American Actress

January 05: Historical Events

  • January 05, 1781 – British naval expedition led by Benedict Arnold burns Richmond, Va during the American Revolutionary War
  • January 05, 1836 – Davy Crockett arrives in Texas in time for the Alamo.
  • January 05, 1846 – The United States House of Representatives votes to stop sharing the Oregon Territory with the United Kingdom.
  • January 05, 1896 – German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen’s discovers a form of radiation know as x-rays.
  • January 05, 1925 – Inauguration of Nellie Ross as Wyoming’s Governor. She was the first woman Governor.
  • January 05, 1933 – Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge begins in San Francisco Bay, on the Marin side. The bridge opened on May 27, 1937.
  • January 05, 1972 – US President Nixon signs a bill for NASA to begin research on manned shuttle. NASA announces development of space shuttle.

January 05: Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for January 5 is a Capricorn.

January Birthstone:

The Birthstone for January is Garnet, which comes in a rainbow of colors. It is considered a great gift to symbolize friendship and trust.


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